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What a great job! You are truly a master at this. ~Ed R

I received the DVDS back and I want to say thank you for the fast turn around and they are great. ~Kenton

Bob Restored my old 8mm & 16mm films, i could not be more pleased. ~Jason

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Everybody either has films or
knows relatives that do. They
still have them because they
want to get them transferred
some day.

Now’s the time

Please contact us today to
discuss restoring your cherished





I Offer a 100% money back guaranteed that we can restore your films to look and sound better than any other company in the WORLD!

More than half my Business is redoing other companies work from all over the World.

6 Question that Customers ask Every day for 25 years

Here is the answers to the same questions asked by our customers for 25 years. Let's go over the Major Stumbling points that people come across when taking on their film project.

#1 "We don't know what's on them, we want to look thru them"

No need to "go thru them" you're not going to find a projector or a new bulb and on the slim chance you do, it will damage the films further.

Film is much different than video tape today. Film was shot differently do to the Extreme crazy high cost of the film, back in the day. was shot differently, with intent, purpose and a plan ahead of time. The subject matter repeats: Christmas, Easter, Birthday.

The small 3' reels are only 3.5 to 4 minutes long. You could have a Christmas on just one reel or Easter on just one reel, but usually what I have seen for 25 years is Christmas, Easter, Birthday, The Zoo on one 3.5 minute reel...due again to the cost. On Film, there are no Blank spots, no junk and no long winded spots, at all. And you will never have more than one reel per event except Vacation, due to the cost. We have a way, if not labeled, to put Films in order (about 95% Accurate).
(no other company does this)

#2 "We don't want to mail it, we want to get it done in our town"

Location - one of the biggest mistakes

It's not where it's done, but how it's done!

I keep a copy of your work here in our computer for shipping safety when sent back to you.
(no other company does this)

There are no "walk-in" shops for "FILM Restoration."
Straight transfer can be found everywhere.

All Discount Stores send out.

Any store that tells you "4 to 6 week turnaround time," you know it's being sent out.

This is not a Chain...there is only one location serving all of the U.S., Canada & parts of Europe for 25 years from Texas.

You're not going to find the type of service that we provide Locally.

About the "MAIL." Well, who uses the mail anymore any way. We use FedEx, 25 year never a problem.

It's not where it's done, but how it's done!

This is why the films are still in your want to get it done in your town...and there is no one there to do it. Many people get it done in their town not caring what it is going to look like. So, get it done in your town... this will be your "Rough Draft" then you can send off and get it done right. Watch the videos... the "before" is what you're going to get... only I do the "after" results.

Shipping all over the World by FedEx for 25 years, never a problem

#3 FILM CONTENT supersedes the Quality of the Image

The biggest smoke and mirrors trick of all by the Transfer Businesses is "Film Content"

Film Content (your past on relatives, faces, places, from your past) supersedes the Quality of the Image-

It's an...EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER...when your family films are transferred by your local camera shop, discount store, whoever, the store knows very well that as soon as you see the first frame of your past on relatives you're not going to care at all what this looks like (quality of the image) YOUR just looking at the Content.

You won't notice the: out of focus, off color, flickering, too dark, too light, burn spots, fuzzy, hair, dust, scratchers, sped up keystone jittery image, etc. AS YOU SEE IN THE "before" in the Before & After Examples, this is the biggest smoke and mirrors trick of all, by the Transfer Businesses.

ON THE OTHER HAND. When we do film restoration for a TV station or cable companies they send films to us, we return to them .

There will be several Editors and technicians in the room watching the Quality of the work we did. Not them looking at the content.

#4 "How do I tell the condition of the film?"

"My films are in pristine condition...we haven't opened the cans in 70 years!"

Well, when Films are in the metal cans that's one of the worst places they can be stored. I know, because I worked at NASA and at a Burbank CA. Hollywood studio, and that's not how films are stored. The films rot over time because the bad gases built up and no fresh air circulates. Open cans and inspect. Send photos to us. Film needs to be smooth, flat, pliable...NOT hard, fused together, twisted, warped, brittle, smell. Films will smell like strong vinegar as they deteriorate over time. Iimportant note: No other company is going to touch films that have any kind of damage because they run them thru a projector to "transfer" them.

I DO NOT use old projectors and video off screen with camcorder. Straight Transfer companies & discount stores do.

I Offer a 100% money back guaranteed that we can restore your films to look and sound better than any other company in the WORLD!

#5 "Do I get my film back?"

Yes, in better condition - cleaned, repaired splices.

#6 "Do you use a Projector and a camcorder and some type of transfer box to do the transfer?"

NO...that's why the Before & After videos look so different.

The "Before" is Other companies work that people were not happy with.



Important Point #1
The Quality of the work , mostly, lack of, is going to vary tremendously from company to company. We can show you their work, compared to ours.

Important Point #2:
Do not send or drop off ALL your films to anybody! How do you know what it's going to look like? Many people make this mistake.

CHAIN DISCOUNT Stores DO NOT RESTORE FILMS, THEY do NOT HAVE A 100% money back guarantee.


Discount Stores DO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF PROFESSIONAL Restoration WORK i.e. The History Channel, The Military Channel, CNN FOX ABC CBS NBC, Cable stations etc. I do.

Other sites, Watch out for this:

"Click here to get started" If their site says this...keep going. Ask yourself, "aren't you going to show me your work before I send all of my precious memories to you? I don't see any examples here!"

Don't trust your films to a camera shop or a discount super store.

This is a very specialized field and not found everywhere. What I do, as you will see in the examples, is a patented process that only I do.

It's self-explanatory when you watch the videos.

My company is the only company that works for TV broadcast i.e. The Military Channel, CNN FOX ABC etc. and the general public, at a reasonable price.

Summary: This is not a onetime one shot chance to get this done. Get your film done any way or place you like...if you do not like the quality, or lack of, from another company, we are here to redo it, no problem.


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